Partner Name: Auritas
Specialization: ERP Project Management and SAP Consulting Services
Reason for Selection: Best-in-class SAP Lifecycle Management and BI services, excellent webcasts on data archiving and related topics.

Auritas offers ERP project management and SAP consulting services. Auritas stood out to me for a couple of reasons: first, they offer great webcasts on topics pertaining to SAP data archiving. Unlike many webcasts of this kind, I found theirs to be well-attended, and for good reason. The topics covered were based on practical implementation tips and their Q and A sessions were lengthy and helpful. I was also impressed because Auritas doesn't just offer services - they present their ERP services within their own methodology for approaching SAP Information Lifecycle Management.

Auritas currently has some exciting career opportunities in BI/BW and related areas. Check out their career page here.

I find that it's always better to work with firms who aren't just trying to plug holes on your project, but who have an overall strategy that informs the services they provided. This is where Auritas stands out from the pack.

I hope to do a podcast soon with Deepak Sood, one of the Principles of Auritas and a leader in the SAP data archiving and BI communities. 

In a nutshell, Auritas offers SAP services that improve the user experience by enhancing the ability to easily access and manage SAP data. As they put it on their site, "Today, companies are drowning under constant injection of data and trillions of transactions. So much to be handled by only one system! A system that becomes swamped will lead to a reduced processing power. In that myriad of information, the users struggle to find what they are looking for, accurately and quickly. Auritas is the expert you need to help you manage the information based on relevancy, sensitivity, usability, and legality."

I find long-winded mission statements to be a little tiresome. But it's always good to do business with companies who have a core understanding of their purpose in the market. I thought Auritas did a great job on a concise mission and vision statement: "Our mission is to provide "Experts for Successful Implementations" to clients both nationally and internationally. It is our vision to be recognized in the SAP Community as one of the premier providers of SAP consulting services. We conduct our business with integrity, and respect the values and the cultures of the communities in which we operate. We strive to provide our clients with the most experienced SAP consultants in the industry."

Unlike some SAP web sites, I found to be easy-to-navigate. It's easy to locate the services you need or find out more background about the firm, all of which is written in clear and helpful language.

If you're looking for a first point of contact at Auritas, I recommend my friend This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , who can get you further info on their services or make the right introduction to the person at Auritas who can help you.