SAP Ecosystem Success in an Opt-Out Economy - 31 Keys to Better Results

A JonERP Special Report

jreed.jpgThe rules of marketing are broken. What does that mean for the SAP ecosystem? It means that too often, we do spectacular things that go unnoticed. Our solutions get lost in the instant gratification "attention economy." And even if you have a war chest, you can't spend your way out of it. The SAP firms that try to buy eyeballs with broadcasting approaches only accelerate their failures. Meanwhile, SEO and social media "gurus" are ripping firms off left and right with overpriced and flawed approaches. So what's the answer? 

The answer is that anyone who claims to have all the answers is probably a fraud. But there is good news: even though attempts to "go viral" fail and tone-deaf stock photo marketing gets ridiculed in real-time, there's never been a better time to further your business by becoming part of the community rather than advertising into it. That means developing deep expertise, turning that into exceptional content, and making that content easy to access and share. 

In this JonERP Speical Report on SAP Solutions Success, I put all the best ideas I've seen, all the tactics that have proven themselves in the road tests of my own work (and that of my clients), into 31 keys to success.  For the last few months this piece has been available for download via TechTarget - now it's on JonERP, and you can either download the entire PDF (128KB) or browse the sections online. Read on for a few more details on the table of contents. 

How to Move from Opt-Out to Community Relevance: 31 Keys to Success in the SAP Ecosystem 

Here's the clickable Table of Contents for the four part web version: 

Keys 1-4 - Avoiding SAP Marketing #Fails (and Report Introduction)

Keys 5-12 - The Challenges of Transparency

Keys 13-21 -  Don't Get Fooled by SEO and Social "Gurus"

Keys 22-31 - Why Buying Influence Doesn't Work

Download the entire report on PDF (128KB)

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