Podcast: SAP HANA TechEd Stories to Watch (and Skills Convo) with Vijay Vijayasankar + Harald Reiter
podcastlogo_jonerp.gif"Previewing HANA at TechEd Vegas, plus an in-depth HANA skills discussion (ERP Lounge #21)"
Podcast Interview Date: September 7, 2011
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With SAP TechEd Las Vegas right around the corner, plans were in place for a dandy SAP TechEd video preview for JD-OD.com focusing on HANA issues and skills development. But: Skype video failed and it was time for an enterprise-level decision. The way forward? An audio HANA taping session instead. It turned out to be a good one! During this 50 minute podcast, you'll hear SAP Mentors Vijay Vijayasankar and Harald Reiter give you their tips for getting the best HANA content in TechEd Las Vegas. The informal discussion then moves into the key news stories that might unfold at TechEd surrounding HANA, with the usual opinionated takes and views from the field. The last half of the podcast is an in-depth discussion of HANA skills issues based on what Harald and Vijay are learning from their work on HANA Proof of Concept (POC) projects. 

In the end, we didn't get the video we wanted (we'll get those in Vegas!) but we got an excellent HANA skills discussion that went more in-depth in the audio format. Make sure to stay tuned to the end for some joking around about "gurus" and why none of us wants to be one. This is Harald's first time on a JonERP podcast (I'm sure there will be more), and the skills discussion is inspired in part by Harald's excellent SCN blog post, "The SAP HANA skills trap."

Editor's note- podcast links: Vijay Vijayasankar and Vitaily Rudnytskiy have both been blogging in detail on HANA. You can look up Vijay and Harald's SAP TechEd Vegas sessions in a couple of ways: 1. check out their speaker biographies, and also go through all the HANA sessions (keyword search: HANA)  to find the expert lounge and hands-on sessions the guys are involved with. Other links: SAP Mentor Initiative. You can also check out SAP's In-Memory Home Page on SCN. Also recommended: the HANA posts of fellow SAP Mentors Vitaily Rudnytskiy and John Appleby, who has blogged in detail on HANA on his Bluefin Solutions blog and also on his blog on SCN. Fellow SAP Mentor Dick Hirsch's forward-thinking post on data markets in the HANA App Cloud also comes up in the podcast discussion.

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Usually i post a full text highlight and time stamp of all podcasts, but in this case, to get the podcast out before TechEd, I'm skipping that.

However here's the basic timeframe: 

I. TechEd Preview, HANA News Stories Rehash, TechEd Burning HANA Questions (00:00 - 20:30)

II. HANA Skills discussion and breakdown (20:30 -  46:40)

(with some bonus discussion of BI 4.0 and HANA)

III. 46:00 - 50:00 - parting shots and jokin' around about gurus or lack thereof (46:40 -50:00)

Plenty of interesting questions came up during the podcast, including but not limited to: 

- Whether the HANA cloud is relevant to customers now

- The impact of BW running on HANA in future releases

- The relative importance of HANA apps and what we're expecting there


- Why data modeling skills are so important

- Whether outside HANA experts are needed on HANA projects

- Will ABAP developers have a role in the HANA world? 

Final note: usually I add music and some finishing touches to my podcasts. I'm skipping those this time in the interests of timely content. I think you'll find the discussion worthwhile.