Podcast: The BusinessObjects Community Means Business: A BOC Community Podcast

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Vendor Podcast - The SAP BusinessObjects Community Means Business - A BOC Community Podcast
Hosted by Jon Reed of JonERP.com
Podcast Interview Date: July 13, 2010
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There's a lot happening with the SAP BusinessObjects Community. With the shifting of SAP BusinessObjects technical product discussion to SDN, and the increased emphasis on business user topics and integration with BPX, there's a lot to discuss in the BOC space. To get a handle on these changes and to learn how to join in the discussion, Jon Reed of JonERP.com talks to Jason Cao and Kirby Leong of SAP. During this fifteen minute podcast, Jason and Kirby talk about the involvement of the new BOC SAP Mentors, and their impact on new features such as Dear aBI and Real World BI Stories.

Podcast Highlights

:35 Jason and Kirby talk about the changes going on in the Business Objects Community and why they are being made.

2:40 What else can we expect to see from the BOC in the short and medium term? Kirby: We're gearing up for the XI 4.0 release. Expect to see lots of e-learning, with an emphasis on modularized learning. With an increased emphasis on BI business users, we are also planning to redesign the site and make the dashboards more visually appealing and accessible. We'll also be adding a BI component to a number of the BPX industry areas.

4:10 We hear a lot from SAP these days about "Insight", and going from "Insight into Action." What does "Insight" mean and how is the BOC supporting this approach? Jason: to me "Insight" means knowledge, understanding and awareness. Without insight there's no understanding or direction. Insight combined with action is the essence of the BOC mission. Kirby: We plan to move beyond helping our members master tools to an emphasis on solving business problems.

6:55 Recently, there were a bunch of new SAP Mentors named who are heavily involved in the BusinessObjects world. How will this impact the BOC?

9:35 There's one Mentor from this group, Mico Yuk, who has been very active on the SAP Crystal Dashboard Design front. She's the founder of the Xclesius Gurus Network and has now been working on the redesign for the Xcelsius Community and other BOC projects. You can also see their work in new features like Dear aBI and Real World BI Stories. More members with the type of community spirit displayed by Mico and other Mentors are needed and welcome!

11:20 Sometimes it is hard to imagine getting started amidst some of the community leaders who are doing a huge amount of work on the community? What's the best way to get started with the BusinessObjects Community?

12:30 Are there any misconceptions or confusion about the BusinessObjects Community you'd like to clear up? Kirby: several things: 1. We do cover the Crystal products in the Business Objects Community. We also have BI content on SDN, and that's where the technical side of the Crystal Products reside. 2. There are active communities around BusinessObjects solutions both on SDN and on BOC. 3. We also support non-SAP customers and members in the BusinessObjects community. BOC remains true to its roots of working with a range of platforms.