SAP Career Outlook 2010: The Intersection of Talent and Community

JonERP_TechEd.jpgA Two-Part White Paper for the Career Center on SCN
By Jon Reed of

Jon Reed notes: In the spring of 2010, I was involved in a major collaboration with the Career Center on SAP Community Network. I'm now happy to announce the official release of my two-part white paper series on SAP career and skills trends in 2010, written exclusively for SAP. The series represents my most significant piece of writing on SAP skills trends since my original SAP Consultant Handbook, and it is intentionally structured to be relevant to a range of experience levels. I'll look forward to your feedback, which can be incorporated into follow up blogs, podcasts, and videos.

Both articles are also available to download as a PDF.

Table of Contents

Part One - Creating a Winning SAP Skills Stategy in 2010

A - Why SAP Skills Matter—In Any Economy

B - SAP Skills Strategy: A Winning Approach for 2010

  1. Staying Marketable in Any Economy - It Starts with Skills Mastery
  2. SAP Skills Convergence: The Morphing of "Geeks" and "Suits"
  3. Pulling it Together: Combine SAP Skills Generalization and Specialization

C - Core + Edge, Wrapped in General Skills: SAP Career Formula Conclusions

Part Two - Beyond the Social Networking Hype: Achieving SAP Career Visibility 

A - Keys to Achieving SAP Career Visibility in 2010

  1. It's Not About Broadcasting, It's About Community
  2. Avoiding the Herd Mentality—One Social Network Does Not Fit All
  3. Does Social Networking Really Have a Career Impact?

B - Career Outlook 2010: “Hot Skills” Roundup 

C - Conclusion: Overcoming Market Challenges


Jon Reed would like to thank Claudine Lagerholm of SAP for the opportunity to write these white papers, and for her sharp and important feedback during the editing process.