Conclusion: Overcoming Market Challenges
SAP careers are undergoing the same kinds of growing pains and market challenges as SAP itself. Given the trend towards global skills sourcing and the general availability of basic SAP skills in most regions, SAP professionals of all stripes and experience levels are wise to take an aggressive approach toward SAP skills acquisition and specialization. The way to stand out from the crowd is to offer a visible SAP specialization that is recognized in the community. That specialization should be based on a bedrock of core skills that also incorporate some "edge technologies."

Social networks are neither a fad nor a "one size fits all" solution for SAP professionals in search of new opportunities. The best opportunities come to those who are executing on a well-thought career strategy that is driven by an underlying passion for the technology in question, but also an awareness that the best (and happiest) SAP pros are more than technologists; they are advisors and community contributors.

Increasingly, we are seeing a convergence of SAP community involvement and career advancement. There are no hard and fast rules here, but the integration of the SAP Career Center into SCN is yet another example of how the traditional division between seeking knowledge and searching for jobs are increasingly linked. There isn't one magic SAP career formula, but I hope this white paper has provided you with a practical framework and some tips you can put to use. I look forward to continuing the conversation.

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