Core + Edge, Wrapped in General Skills: SAP Career Formula for 2010
Looking ahead to 2010, those "general skills" might well include BW/BI, which is starting to become an area that all SAP professionals need to connect their skills to. I've had some readers ask me if consulting skills are relevant if they are a full time employee.

I believe they are. The best consultants are trusted advisors who are expert in empowering the teams they work on and leaving them better than they found them. Internal employees should aspire to the same traits.

As for that 80/20 versus 50/50 skills mix debate, here's how I look at it for 2010: if you are currently in an advanced SAP role like the Enterprise Architects and Solution Architects we referred to earlier, then the 50/50 techno-functional mix might be just right for you. The same is true in some SME (small and medium size business) environments. Wearing many hats is common on SME projects. Otherwise, I still like the 80/20 formula today for most "classic" SAP developers, Basis types, and functional experts. But I like 70/30 in either direction better than 90/10, so that gives you some idea of where I stand.

Concluding Thoughts for Part One

We now have some guidelines that will enable you to form your SAP skills strategy in 2010. But that doesn't solve an equally important problem: now that we've established our skills, how do we handle the second half of the career success equation, self-marketing? And, I'm sure many of you are wondering, how do social networks fit in? That's the subject of part two of our white paper, which will be released separately.

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