Podcast: How Penitus and Collier County Used SCN For Their SAP Grants Management Project

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Vendor Podcast - How Penitus and Collier County used SCN For Their Grants Management Project
An SCN Community Podcast
Hosted by Jon Reed of JonERP.com
Podcast Interview Date: March 30, 2010
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In this SAP Community Podcast, we get a view into how Penitus Global Solutions developed some much-needed grants management functionality in collaboration with the SAP Community Network. During this special tag-team podcast, Jon Reed asks Freddy Guerrero, Principal Partner with Penitus Global Solutions (PGS), about how his team developed their grants management solution by using SCN as a product feedback loop.Guerrero also explains how visibility within EcoHub made a difference for PGS.

Then the podcast shifts to Marlene Foord and Kelly Jones of the Collier County SAP project. Collier used the grants management solution from PGS to enhance their ability to track grants throughout the application cycle. Jones and Foord describe the lessons learned, including how they involved key stakeholders, and how they ensured that Collier's users got the information they needed via portals and dashboards. For Collier, this project is a milestone in a new era of SAP: giving users the visibility to track grant applications throughout the decision points, and empowering them to do it with their preferred interface.

Podcast Highlights

:55 Penitus Global Solutions specifically developed their grants functionality by collaborating on SCN - how was this accomplished?

1:55 And how did EcoHub play a role in developing and promoting the Penitus grants management solution?

2:38 Meeting the Collier County team: what roles do Marlene Foord and Kelly Jones play on the project?

4:05 Setting the stage: what SAP products is Collier County running and how do they rely on SAP systems?

5:06 Why is the grants management functionality from Penitus Global Solutions important? What gaps did it fill on the Collier implementation?

7:30 What are the unique challenges of pre-award grant management? What are the problems companies face integrating pre-award grants information into post-award and ERP systems? Is this an issue other SAP users are struggling with?

8:30 Implementation lessons learned - what did Collier County take from their grants management installation that they can share with other SAP users? How were stakeholders involved in the process?
10:30 Dashboarding now plays a major role in how users access the grants functionality at Collier. How is this working out, and how do Collier's users track grants through the funding cycle?

13:20 Summarizing the lessons learned: why involving stakeholders, ensuring visibility of data, and giving users access to information - in the form they want it in - is so important.

14:34 Last word from Freddy Guerrero - his recommendations on how other solution providers can leverage the resources on SCN.