Panaya: SaaS-Driven SAP Solutions

Panaya_logo_Small.JPGPartner Name: Panaya
Specialization: Cloud-based SAP solutions for streamlining SAP upgrades and support pack installation.
Reason for Selection: Panaya is creating a different level of value for SAP customers around major "pain points," and doing it in a collaborative way that emphasizes content sharing with the SAP community. 

I'm pleased to announce Panaya has joined the ranks of's partners. Panaya is offering a new kind of value to SAP customers during a time when every dollar spent on ERP projects must count. There are several things that impress me about Panaya and led me to this partnership: first, their solutions for SAP upgrades, SAP support packages, and ABAP code cleansing are all cloud-based. No client side installation they even provide prospects with a summary "audit" of their potential code problems at no cost. Second, like, Panaya is committed to offering real content and data on SAP trends to the SAP community as a whole (scroll down for links to some great stuff they have put out). Third, Panaya is looking to solve SAP user problems in a collaborative way. You'll see Panaya on Twitter and LinkedIn, and Panaya's team are frequent speakers at SAP events.

Too many vendors in the SAP world are still marketing to the community, rather than sharing important content with the community. Panaya gets this distinction. I've already collaborated with Panaya on some of these content sharing projects, and more are in the works.

Panaya is rapidly becoming a leader in SAP upgrade tips and advice. Together with Panaya, we recently co-founded an SAP Upgrade Skills and Trends group on LinkedIn that you should join if you have a stake in the SAP upgrade market. There are already almost 100 people in the group, including some of the key players in SAP upgrade consulting, and you're welcome to join as well.

Recently, Panaya put out their first edition of the "Big Book of SAP Upgrades." This book is a 30 page compilation from a range of SAP partners and community members on their best SAP upgrade tips. With a quick registration, you can get a free PDF copy of the Big Book of SAP Upgrades. This book has a lot of practical tips I hadn't seen before, including useful info on testing and Q/A. There is good stuff on the role of Solution Manager, understanding the implications of SAPRouter, Unicode issues, the dangers of cloned programs. The book's tips include specific OSS notes to look out for, keys to eliminating unused z-transports, and the most effective third party solutions such as Rev-Trac and Panaya's own SAP upgrade solution. 

Another relevant publication for SAP upgrades is Panaya's "Fixing the SAP Upgrade Process: Nine Best Practices." Authored by respected analyst Josh Greenbaum, the web-based version of this paper includes quick links to specific sections of interest, including "The Case for the Technical SAP Upgrade: Keeping Up with Business and Technology Evolution," "The Case for the Functional SAP Upgrade," "The SAP Upgrade as a Competitive Weapon," and Greenbaum's own assessment of Panaya's SAP upgrades solution.

Panaya has also put out useful content pertaining to SAP support pack installation. Too often, SAP support packs are seen are routine projects, when in fact they are mini-upgrades that require smart preparation and the right tools. In the summer of 2009, Panaya issued an important survey about SAP support costs. If you haven't seen the 18 page survey, it's also free with a short sign up - go to the SAP Support Costs Report 2009. For the survey, Panaya interviewed 179 SAP customers and partners about their attitudes towards the cost of SAP support, the value of Enterprise Support, and their issues with support pack installations.

To get a better sense of what Panaya learned during the survey, I issued a podcast with Amit Bendov of Panaya entitled "SAP Support Packs, SaaS, and SAP Upgades." During the twenty minute podcast, we covered the highlights of the support survey results and also looked at what Panaya has learned about the skills needed to implement SaaS-based solutions and the value of SaaS-based delivery in SAP environments. I also asked Amit about Panaya's content-based approach to marketing and why they take the time to issue such deep content given the amount of effort such content takes to produce. For those who want to hear more on exactly how Panaya's SAP support pack solution can impact SAP users by helping them to find that "needle in a haystack" problem without manually testing each fix, check out the ten minute podcast I did with Panaya: "SAP Support Packs: Problems, Solutions, and how Panaya can Help."

I also blogged on SAP Toolbox about the implications of the SAP support packs survey, with some additional comments on how the results point to some new skills directions for SAP professionals. That's a pretty good summary of Panaya content you can check out, but I'm sure we'll be adding more to in the future. I should add that Panaya is very interested in user feedback and comments, and they are also looking for future contributors on topics pertaining to SAP support and SAP upgrades, so be sure to contact them directly.

Oh, and last but not least: I have written two of my own pieces for Panaya that are only available through them. Both pieces were a great challenge for me to condense the best information I had into concise briefs, so I really recommend you quickly sign up and checking them out. They are as good as anything I have posted on The first piece was called "49 Do's, Don'ts, and Customer Lessons for SAP® Upgrades". The second was "SAP Talent: Are You Making the Most Out of Yours?". There is some really interesting stuff in here on emerging SAP skills and talent management trends on SAP project sites. I hope you enjoy the results of this partnership so far, and stay tuned for more content to follow.