Track All of Jon Reed's SAP Blogs and Podcasts with Feedburner RSS (or Email)

Jon posts his SAP blogs and podcasts to a number of different channels, which are not always easy to track down in real time. So how do you track all his "good feeds"? Now you can! Having survived his misadventures with Yahoo Pipes, Jon now has a Feedburner feed you can subscribe to in any RSS Reader:

Jon Reed's Master Blog and Podcast Feed
URL of RSS feed:

But wait, there's more: you can also sign up for this same content via email, and it will be sent to you automatically whenever Jon issues something from the content oven:

Subscribe to the JonERP Master Blog and Podcast Feed by Email

Or if you prefer the RSS version:

Jon's "Get All My SAP Content" RSS Feed

For those of you who are curious, Jon built this feed by combining four of his feeds into a Yahoo pipe. That pipe was then filtered in a variety of ways (such as truncating each article to make the feed more readable, and taking out other authors from any group blogs Jon contributes to). 

Once it was filtered and Jon had a finished "pipe," he then ran that pipe through Feedburner, which provides better stats and also useful sign up forms and email subscription functionality.

One thing to note: there will be a small amount of content duplication on this feed. Occasionally Jon will post one of his podcasts to the SAP BPX blog also, resulting in an extra feed item. But the vast majority of the items you will receive on the feed will be unique content.