SAP Jobs and SAP Consulting Opportunities From is now partnered with, a leading source of SAP project opportunities, to offer you this selection of current jobs in SAP. Click on the "apply" button next to each job below to find out more about the current open positions at FREE Registration as a Verified Consultant with is required to view the full job listing. Note: this widget is automatically updated with fresh SAP jobs, so all the opportunities you see in the scroll bar below are current jobs from

Note from Jon Reed: Thanks for checking out the revamped jobs page!

I'm pleased to be able to offer JonERP site visitors a variety of open SAP jobs from ERP-Consulting has earned the trust of SAP employers by creating screening tools that ensure that "verified consultants" get access to their opportunities.

That's a plus for you as a job applicant - the only downside is that I'm not able to offer you full job descriptions of these positions. But if you click on the "apply' button above, you can get more details from I'd also like to note that we are hoping to apply a sort function to this widget shortly that will put all the SAP jobs at the top of the list above the Oracle and PeopleSoft positions.

For those of you who want to learn more about ERP-Consulting, one great place to start is with the webcast on  "ERP Jobs and Networking 2.0" that I conducted in conjunction with Paul Cielinski and the ERP-Consulting team. In that webcast, I take a closer look at how the ERP consulting market has changed, with an emphasis on developing a better social network and improving your visibility as an ERP consultant. I hope you find good opportunities through these ERP-Consulting SAP job opportunities, and please contact me with any feedback you might have.