About JonERP.com

JonERP.com is an interactive web site that monitors SAP consulting trends and, as per its tagline, provides “Career Answers for SAP Professionals.” Founded by Jon Reed, an independent analyst with more than a decade of experience advising SAP consultants, JonERP.com provides a forum for SAP professionals to learn how SAP’s technical evolution will impact their SAP career choices.  

Through the JonERP.com “SAP Career Blog,” SAP professionals can pose career questions to Jon across functional and technical skills categories. JonERP.com also features podcasts with industry insiders, where Jon and his guests examine the “human side of SAP implementations” and identify the skills necessary to implement the latest SAP technology. 

Throughout the industry's ebbs and flows, thousands of SAP professionals have tracked the SAP market through Jon's commentary. From his first days in the SAP market, Jon’s focus has been on providing SAP professionals with honest, straight-shooting analysis on how SAP market trends are impacting SAP career choices.  

Launching JonERP.com fulfills Jon’s dream of creating his own web site for SAP professionals who are looking to make the best project choices in the context of a broader career strategy. He hopes that the site will become a trusted destination for SAP professionals in the NetWeaver era.


Jon welcomes comments and questions from JonERP.com site visitors.


Jon Reed Named an SAP Mentor


Jon Reed was named an SAP Mentor in 2008. The SAP Mentor Initiative is a highly selective program which recognizes those individuals who are making an outstanding contribution to the SAP community. Jon is one of 70 mentors who are playing an active role in SAP's online ecosystem, which includes the combined 1.3 million members of the SDN and BPX web sites.