Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC)

paclogo.jpgPartner Name: Pierre Audoin Consultants
Specialization: Global SAP Market Research and Analysis
Reason for Selection: PAC is a analyst firm with a global reach that has a real drive to excel in the SAP space. The team at PAC, based in 15 countries, has helped me to get a better grasp of international SAP market trends. You can read some of PAC's analysis in their Feeding the SAP Ecosytem blog. I am pleased to be an regular contributor to this blog, and you can find some exclusive content of mine there. Recently I was named a "PAC Fellow" to formalize my contributions to the PAC SAP Services Research Practice. I have served as the lead writer on a recent SAP BO market report for PAC - see the webinar replay where we presented our findings from that report. We've made a page on JonERP.com where you can view highlights from my PAC SAP blog entries and click on direct links for each one.

There are a number of analyst firms that serve the SAP community, but to me, PAC is different. Whenever I see the PAC team at SAP trade shows, they bring an international sensibility and a collaborative attitude with them. PAC has great information, but they also have some fire in the belly - something I like to think we have at JonERP.com as well. Look for more collaborations between JonERP.com and PAC going forward.  

Here's some info PAC provided me on their overall practice and how their SAP services fit in:

"Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) is a leading market research and strategic consulting firm for the software and IT services industry (SITSI). Our mission is to advise IT companies on achieving domestic and international growth objectives through the planning, development, implementation, and ongoing support of successful strategies. Thirty years of experience in the IT sector, thousands of annual face-to-face interviews, and successful consulting engagements with key industry participants have enabled us to establish solid, long-standing relationships with our customers.

"With 30 years market experience, including more than 10 years of analyzing the enterprise application related services market, PAC has developed a practice leveraging our consultants¹ knowledge on SAP-related services from across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America, in order to give the most accurate view of local demand and future market trends to our clients."