About Jon Reed

jonerpfacebook.jpgJon Reed is an (ahem) independent analyst and SAP Mentor who blogs, Tweets, and videocasts on SAP and Enterprise market trends. He is the driving force behind JonERP.com, an interactive web site that features Jon's SAP Career Blog and his long-running SAP podcast series. Jon is also an Enterprise Irregular, a select group of enterprise bloggers and practitioners. They like to argue a lot about the future of the enterprise - don't you?

Jon is always trying to re-invent himself in this industry to be better, more truthful in his reporting, and more valuable to his clients. "Inspire more/suck less" is one of his mottos to encourage the cycle of "fail fast/work hard/commit to mastery."

In his client work, Jon helps companies in the SAP ecosystem increase their community presence and go-to-market traction by developing a winning strategy for social networking, inbound lead generation, and SAP talent management. Custom SAP market research and analysis is also provided, with an emphasis on the creative integration of media into an effective SAP business strategy.

Jon particularly likes to work with enterprise startups with a fire in their belly and a determination to rethink failed marketing and go-to-market practices that no longer work in the "attention economy" where content is key and community trumps broadcasting. Jon is a fan of spirited enterprise conversation and welcomes connections on the social platform of your choice. (see the home page for links) He is a frequent presenter at enterprise events, and can often be seen lugging far too much video gear. Do come up and say hi if you see him! 

In 2011, Jon and partner-in-video-crime Dennis Howlett launched JD-OD.com - a video commentary web site for the on-demand enterprise. They have now produced more than 200 videos and heading upward at a dizzying rate - or at least they'd like to think so. The founding of JD-OD.com in 2012 with video partner-in-crime Dennis Howlett marked a shift towards a dedicated approach to video production, hopefully with the same honest and informal flair that made Jon's videos watchable in the first place. At least he'd like to think so. You be the judge.

Big-time update! In 2013, Jon and four co-conspirators founded diginomica - "Insights for the Digital Enterprise." Diginomica, co-founded by Jon and four other long-time enterprise bloggers, is focused on providing original commentary focused solely on the enterprise, without the consumer tech hype and fluff. We'll see how they do. Oh, and there are no ads on diginomica. Partners fund the site with an opportunity to contribute columns that add to the conversation. The site is off to a great start in Jon's estimation, but there is still a lot to prove.

More about Jon: Jon has been publishing SAP career and market analysis for over 15 years, and he is the author of the SAP Consultant Handbook. In 2012, Jon became a founding board member of the HANA Distinguished Engineers, dedicated to fostering HANA skills and leadership in the ecosystem.

Jon was a Top Contributor for the SAP Community Network from 2008 to 2011  in the Business Process Expert Category. He has also served as an SAP Mentor since 2007. The SAP Mentor Initiative is a highly selective program which recognizes those individuals who are making an outstanding contribution to the SAP community. Jon is one of 90 mentors who are playing an active role in SAP's online ecosystem, which includes the combined 2 million members of the SDN and BPX web sites.

Before launching JonERP.com, Jon served as the Founding Editor and Vice President of ERPtips, a leading publication on SAP implementation "best practices" authored by SAP consultants.

Jon is also the author of Resumes from Hell, an illustrated "how-not to" guide through the worst resumes ever made. He is working on a sequel to Resumes from Hell entitled Resumes from Heaven, and a companion volume to the SAP Consultant Handbook is also in the works. In 2009, Jon published Free From Corporate America, a tactical guide to success on your own terms, which he began writing and posting chapter-by-chapter. Jon can be reached via email through our contact page.

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