B2B Workforce

b2b_mark2.gifPartner Name: B2B Workforce
Specialization: SAP Project Augmentation with Senior SAP Consultants
Reason for Selection: B2B Workforce is one of four SAP Premier Partners and is one of the best entry points for senior independent SAP consultants on high profile SAP projects.

I have worked with many of the Principals at B2B Workforce for more than a decade. In my opinion, B2B Workforce is the ideal option for senior independent SAP consultants who want to get access to the best SAP projects in the country while retaining their independence. Through SAP and their Tier One partners, B2B Workforce has powerful connections into the most cutting edge SAP projects out there.

One of the things I like most about B2B Workforce is that they don't pressure consultants to become full time employees. Over time, you can qualify for their benefits and rewards plans if you want, but B2B Workforce is one of the firms that has really figured out how to keep connected to consultants without giving them a constant sales pitch to join them on a salaried basis. If you have strong SAP project experience and you want to be in the loop with B2B Workforce's latest consulting openings, use their become a consultant page.

I think it's vitally important to keep your skills current if you are an independent SAP consultant in the SAP eSOA era. If you just focus on your rate these days and don't pay attention to the type of project you are choosing, you can fall become less marketable in a hurry. One of the things I like about B2B Workforce is that they have access to the kinds of projects that can keep your skills moving into the ERP 6.0 and NetWeaver technology.

B2B Workforce also has recruiters that specialize in particular SAP areas and modules, and this really helps in terms of finding projects that match your skills and working with a recruiter who understands your skills focus and your overall career direction.

When you register to become a consultant, you can also ask to be considered for B2B Workforce's targeted SAP Alerts program, where you can receive emails featuring B2B's latest project openings in your particular area of SAP.

B2B Workforce has also perfected the art of supporting consultants once they are placed on projects, so I think you'll find that once you are placed on a project, you won't be forgotten. Instead, you'll get exposed to B2B's best practices for empowering remote consultants to have the best possible project experience and leave that project with the caliber of references that keep you in demand.

If you want to get a better feel for how B2B Workforce supports its consultants, I strongly recommend checking out their consultant newsletter archives. The B2B Consultant newsletter has a really nice mix of market analysis and inside scoops on getting the most out of your work with B2B.