"Mastering Enterprise SOA with SAP Netweaver and mySAP ERP"
“Mastering Enterprise SOA with SAP Netweaver and mySAP ERP”
by Scott Campbell and Vamsi Mohun  

"This book provides an overview of the core building blocks of SAP's new ESA, and shows how ESA works with the NetWeaver platform as well as mySAP ERP."

JR's Take: I have not managed to read this book from cover to cover. I don't recommend it for someone who just wants a high level view of the potential impact of Enterprise SOA (now called eSOA for short rather than ESA). However, I do recommend it in this case:

If you are serious about truly becoming an eSOA superstar, then this book is one of the first on the topic and it's a good foundation document to help understand the massive transition that SAP is undergoing. Since this book came out in 2006 and this technology has evolved rapidly, you will need to compliment this book with updated info on eSOA, but you can get that from online sources such as the SAP Developer Network. -JR-

Book Description: "SAP is investing billions to redesign its flagship R/3 product line based on its ESA, and that ESA will become the standard framework for developing all new SAP ERP applications with NetWeaver.
* A step-by-step action plan proposes ideas for designing ESA-based SAP applications
* The companion Web site contains in-depth case examples that show how to build various SAP services and applications using the NetWeaver development tools, plus third-party tools
* Some of the SAP tools covered include NetWeaver Developer Studio, WebDynPro and NetWeaver Portal, NetWeaver BI, and the SAP Composite Application Framework."