"SAP Netweaver Roadmap"
“SAP Netweaver Roadmap”
by S. Karch

This book provides readers with a complete understanding of SAP NetWeaver and a sound strategy for cost-effective implementation within their organizations.

Book Description: "Uncover in-depth 'Roadmaps' (development plans) to SAP NetWeaver, compiled from various industry sectors. These real-life examples illustrate the wide range of challenges that companies must address regarding key criteria such as flexibility, innovation, and costs. The scenarios are complemented by a methodical examination, which specifies how IT landscapes can be optimized using an integrated approach. Plus, technical examples give you comprehensive information on all components, their installation, as well as their major functions and tasks. You also learn how Web services and SAP's Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) play important roles by providing extensive options for innovation and flexible reactions to market changes. Highlights Include: Overview of SAP NetWeaver Integration levels, standards, components, architecture, and strategy demands on IT landscapes Flexibility, innovation, and cost-reduction Roadmaps to SAP NetWeaver Sectors: automotive, suppliers, energy providers, and banks Methodical approach Web services and ESA Components of SAP NetWeaver EP, KM, BW, MI, MDM, XI, Web AS."