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"I listen to all your SAP podcasts in my car, until my kids get mad at me and make me put on music for them instead. Keep up the good work!"

- Robert Max, 2007 Solution Manager Community of Interest, and Systems Management Special Interest Group Chair for the Americas' SAP Users Group - Visitor Feedback

"Jon, let me congratulate you on building a site which exclusively caters to SAP skills and careers and answers a lot of doubts young and senior SAP consultants have about what skills to have and get trained on."

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"I have been reading your SAP newsletters for over a decade now... It's remarkable that you have now embraced the Web 2.0 delivery methods - Podcasts, Twitter etc - without sacrificing the in-depth nature of your analyses!" - Dave Sen, SAP Enterprise Architect - Reader Feedback

"I visit almost everyday to check out whether there is something new and what the future trends hold for SAP skills and careers."

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"I was struggling with career direction a few years ago and you provided me with some extremely valuable advise. I've been very satisfied with my career direction which was influenced in large part by your coaching. Thanks again!" - Keith

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"You have always been there with a prompt reply when it matters the most. You have really been a mentor in true sense."

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Date of blog post: Tuesday March 10, 2009

Quote highlight
: "In this economy, there aren’t many bright spots when it comes to SAP services. But one area that service providers and SAP freelancers need to be keeping an eye on is Run SAP and Solution Manager. Taken together, Run SAP and Solution Manager are the keys to SAP’s vision of deriving value from an SAP implementation after go-live."
Date of blog post: Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quote highlight: "It’s still early in 2009, but in the spirit of the Academy Awards, we have an early nominee for over-used “SAP buzzword of the year.” That word, of course, is “insight.” Insight has become the oft-used catchphrase for the dreamy achievement of transforming ERP data into actionable information that can be used to make more informed business decisions. Now is a time when companies need all the “insight” they can get, so it’s probably not a surprise that this phrase is gaining, ahem, traction."
Date of blog post: Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quote highlight
: "Last week, Peter Russo and I were amongst the group of reporters, analysts and bloggers who attended SAP’s Business Suite 7 event in New York City. You had to feel for SAP’s challenge: make the largest application release in the company’s history relevant during a time when most companies are worried that there is another economic shoe still to drop. I thought Peter did a good job of summarizing the potential of “BS7,” as well as the timing challenges, in his post last week. In this blog entry, I’ll take a look at some of the services and skills opportunities the Suite will eventually create."
Date of blog post: Monday, January 26, 2009

Quote highlight
: "As an SAP Mentor, I am sometimes allowed to sneak into places where I don’t categorically belong. In this case, SAP employee and fellow SAP Mentor Darren Hague encouraged us to register for the January SAP PKOM sessions. The PKOM (short for “Partner Kick Off Meeting”) is SAP’s opportunity to set the tone for the partner ecosystem for the year."

What's Going to Happen With Business Objects in 2009?
Date of blog post: Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quote highlight
: "The biggest story of 2009 in SAP is going to be the economy. We knew that a month ago – heck, we probably knew that six months ago. Early indications are that it’s going to be a challenging year for SAP financially, but no more so than for all enterprise software vendors."


What's the Latest on SAP Support and the Departure of ASUG CEO Steve Strout?
Date of blog post: Monday, December 8, 2008

Summary of blog post: What is the latest on the SAP maintenance fee controversy? And was there a connection between that and the departure of ASUG CEO Steve Strout? Jon gives his analysis.

Quote highlight: "Board members I contacted personally had nothing more to say on the topic, though there were a couple of follow up quotes from ASUG Board Chairman Mike O'Dell that made clear the decision to dismiss Strout was not about Enterprise Support, though no clarification on what ASUG plans to do differently was offered. Surprisingly, even high-level user group volunteers I talked to inside of ASUG had no light to shed on this, on or off the record. So we can set the Steve Strout part of the issue aside for now. Whether it's related or not, it shouldn't be the focal point. More than likely, it is a blog fodder sideshow fueled by a lack of useful information."

Taking the Temperature of the SAP Market
Date of blog post: Thursday, November 20, 2008

Summary of blog post: The economy has changed dramatically and our assumptions about the ERP market have gone with it. So where does that leave SAP now? Jon takes an in-depth look and shares links to the most important pieces published to date on this topic.

Quote highlight: "In terms of recommended SAP skills in the downturn, some of Vijay's skills tips include CRM, BI, security, and industry-specific SAP skills. I made a few of my own comments to Vijay's blog entry. I talked about the importance of ERP 6.0 experience, because the individuals (and firms) that have this experience are in a better position to advise customers on migration paths and also to relay SAP's latest efforts to improve the user interface and experience."

How is NetWeaver BI/BO Faring in the Downturn?
Date of blog post: Monday, November 3, 2008

Summary of blog post: So the economy is in a slump. What does that mean to the NetWeaver BI and BO roadmap? Will BI projects be postponed or can they deliver value in a slowdown?

Quote highlight: "When SAP first acquired Business Objects, there was some initial hesitancy from SAP customers around how the BO acquisition would affect the long term roadmap. The hesitancy was perfectly reasonable since it seemed logical to assume that some of BO's top-of-the-line reporting products would eventually replace some of SAP's reporting tools, such as the BEx Analyzer, which many SAP customers are heavily invested in despite some limitations in user presentation and customization costs."

A View on the State of the SAP Freelancer's Market
Date of blog post: Monday, October 20, 2008

Summary of blog post: Later in October, PAC will be releasing a brand new report entitled "The Worldwide SAP Skills Market." In this post, I wanted to give my view on the state of the SAP freelancer, which often shows market weakness well before IT services suppliers.

Quote highlight: "Just because companies are in a cautious mood does not mean that SAP freelancers themselves should be cautious. I tell freelancers that in times like these, you need to balance ruthless practicality with a visionary approach. Be ruthless about acquiring the skills that SAP projects need now, but be visionary enough to realize that the business drivers that dictated a need for a BPM-driven strategy are not going away."

SAP Business Process Experts: A Harder Look at the "BPX Skills Revolution"
Date of blog post: Monday, October 6, 2008

Summary of blog post: This post takes a close look at SAP's emphasis on the Business Process Expert skill set and asks if the skill set is closer to buzz or reality. A closer look at the characteristics of the BPX skill set is also offered.

Quote highlight: "The first hurdle any SAP professional must overcome is still the technical skills hurdle. BPX skills have done nothing to change that, at least not yet. Most times, the 'first pass' evaluating an SAP consultant happens on paper, via the resume, and currently, BPX skills do not come across all that effectively on paper."

Inside the Hype of TechEd 2008
Date of blog post: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Summary of blog post: This piece takes an in-depth look at the key themes of TechEd 2008, including a closer examination of SAP BPM hype and why BPM has replaced eSOA as SAP's key point of technology emphasis.

Quote highlight: "Without NetWeaver BPM, SOA is ultimately going to fail, or at least fall well short of its buzz, and that would be very bad news for everyone in the SAP ecosystem.SOA represents the promise of innovating on top of the ERP core without altering the source code. Thus, one of the few things all ERP vendors agree upon is that SOA must not fail to deliver on this promise."

SAP TechEd Las Vegas, September 2008 Print E-mail

September 4, 2008

First ever tweet on new mini-laptop Linux device i will be using to report from the floor at TechEd. keypad very tiny grr....but light! 8:27 PM

September 5, 2008

Smart SAP rep found me - and then twitter - result - interview at TechEd. Can I get a wank word exception to say "synergy"? 5:05 PM

BO Influencer Summer in Boston, August 12, 2008 Print E-mail

August 12, 2008

In Boston for BO summit today. Hope to do a couple of "tweets" with the most interesting BO news for the SAP community. Now for breakfast... 7:29 AM

Lots of spin so far at BO Summit....but one fun tidbit: SAP/BO is on an aggressive "replace Hyperion with EPM" campaign...with some success. 9:22 AM

Dr. Kaplan's deep dive into strategy/ops a bit too deep for me...but, one takeaway: company purpose/mission must be aligned with strategy. 9:49 AM

About Our SAP Training Guide - Read First Print E-mail

Judging from our research, there aren’t that many good online SAP training options for the SAP consultant. But we did a pretty thorough search and evaluation of the sites out there that offered training. We only selected the sites that seemed to have put some real thought into their SAP training services.

Michael Management Print E-mail

1. Visit site: Michael Management

Site evaluation: E-Learning branch of an SAP consulting firm, wide range of SAP courses. Easy-to-use website with detailed cours descriptions and sample demo. Offers some free introductory SAP materials and newsletters with registration. Up to speed with ERP 6.0 course offerings. Course subscription length 120 days, and site offers paid access to SAP instance, including ERP 6.0 instance and BI instance.

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