Lost Podcast Series #1: Certification Five at SAP TechEd 2010

podcastlogo_jonerp.gif"A classic C5 podcast from the SAP TechEd '10 Vegas Show Floor, with a new introduction from Jon Reed"
Podcast Interview Date: TechEd 2010 Las Vegas
Podcast: Listen Now!

Jon's intro: Recently I salvaged and re-listened to some long lost tapings from past SAP shows. A few of them are worth a listen, so I'm issuing them as part of a "lost podcast" series, with new introductions in some cases. One that stood out to me was this "Certification Five" podcast I taped during our Expert Networking Lounge session at the SAP TechEd Las Vegas show floor in 2010. Actually it was a C4 deal because Michael Koch was not able to attend. There is some show floor noise humming in the background, but because I used a microphone for most of the taping, the sound quality of the speakers is easily heard.

This podcast turned out to be a classic because of a few factors:

- Dennis Howlett presents our C5 SAP Certification survey, with detailed feedback from more than 500 respondents.

- We announce for the first time the formation of the Certification Influence Council (CIC), one of our key action items for SAP Education that has become a reality. (Though as it turns out, the first meeting of the CIC will take place at ASUG/Sapphire Now Orlando in May 2011, rather than the earlier date announced here). For various reasons, we have not gone into details on this publicly yet, so this is the first chance to hear the announcement, which for us felt like a hard-won victory for our efforts to date - with the disclaimer that a council doesn't necessarily solve the issues. It simply gets the key stakeholders at the same table for the first time.

- Third and most importantly, there were several folks who are active in the field from the University Alliance program (or who had experience with the TERP10 certification) at our session. This is an important constituency and their insights were well worth hearing. One of those present was Simha Magal, Professor of Management (MIS) and Director, ERP Initiative at Grand Valley State University. Simha is one of the key voices in the SAP University Alliance program and the author of some important textbooks that frame ERP learning in a process context. Paul Hawking, SAP Mentor and SAP Academic Program Director, Victoria University, also had some key points in the podcast.

In addition to the new CIC kick off meeting date (May 2011), there is one more factual correction. (Unfortunately, in my view), the Master level certification has now been removed from the SAP Education web sites. However, we are informed by SAP Education that the Master level can be revisited if the Certification Influence Council provides guidance and approval for this third level. Obviously that's very important to the C5 so we will be pushing that as one of our key talking points. 

After the first CIC meeting at Sapphire, we will have more to report about the status of SAP certification. The C5 have two seats on the CIC, which includes customers (including SUGEN members), key consulting partners, and key players from SAP. It goes without saying that the C5 are united in our desire to see not only sweeping but aggressive changes in SAP certification at the Professional and hopefully Master level. This podcast frames some of our key talking points and the data we have used to inform our approach. It also captures an important moment in the C5 history, and, we'd like to think, our community-driven approach.

The "Certification Five" are: (with links to Twitter handles):

Dennis Howlett - an experienced industry blogger and consultant on social computing projects.

Leonardo de Araujo - SAP Logistics Functional and Technical Consultant with 12+ years experience.

Martin Gillet - HCM genius, SAP Trainer, and frequent SAP Insider contributor.

Michael Koch – independent SAP consultant with deep technical and functional SAP experience.

Jon Reed - driving force behind JonERP.com and independent blogger and analyst.