SAP Certification Five - Guide to Our SAP Certification Activities

There's one thing about the Certification Five you can count on - we're going to generate a lot of content about our dialogue with SAP on certification, and we're going to share it with you! Here is a resource page, still in progress, that documents what we have been up to. 

I'm just about to present with Leonardo De Auraujo at SAP Inside Track Newtown Square - in advance I wanted to post these resource links to refer to during our presentation. 

Key Materials

Our much-discussed SAP Certification Five White Paper (PDF)
Our SCN blog which announces the paper and recommends specific action items (with tons of community comments)
My own blog post which provides a context for SAP Certification Five activities
Dennis Howlett's entertaining narrative of our memorable SAPPHIRENOW meetup with Bill McDermott

Read on for SAP Inside Track London videos, Certification Five podcasts and guest appearances, etc.

SAP Inside Track London Content - June 19, 2010

Dennis Howlett, Michael Koch and Martin Gillet are fresh back from SAP Inside Track London where they also presented on certification issues. Dennis Howlett's blog post "SAP Inside Track London: Part Two" documents the events with a video from Michael Koch on the Certification Five and Dennis Howlett on "Marketing Your SAP Project," with principles other SAP community projects can certainly gain from.

Also from SAP Inside Track London: excellent slide presentations from Dennis Howlett and Michael Koch have also been posted. Martin Gillet has documented events on his flickrstream

Podcasts and Guest Appearances

Friday Morning Report - Post SAPPHIRENOw Orlando 2010 - An excellent podcast with all five of the certification five, dialed into Skype for Craig Cmehil's Friday Morning Report. Taped a week after SAPPHIRENOW Orlando/Frankfurt, the guys reflect on the big happenings of the show and talkabout how they built their group into an effective team. (May 28, 2010)

Enterprise Geeks - Live at SAPPHIRENOW Orlando 2010 - Four of the Certification Five (Martin, Jon, Leo, and Dennis) appear on Enterprise Geeks. Good discussion of the motivations of the group, the milestones, and the project methodology that other SAP Mentors and community groups can use. (May 19, 2010)

Live at SAPPHIRENOW - 3/5 of the Certification Five (and special guest)