Sapphire 2009 Analysis

Sapphire 2009 Analysis - Links to all my Sapphire (and post Sapphire '09) Blogs and Podcasts

Every year at Sapphire, I'm always amazed at the profilic bloggers around me. Take ASUG stalwarts (and SAP Mentors) Jim Spath and Gretchen Lindquist - they blog out good content faster than I can figure out which session I am due at next. Some of the analysts are lightning fast too, Vinnie Mirchandani being one example of someone who fires off posts at a caffeinated rate, and what's more, I thought his stuff was some of the most thought provoking to come out of the entire conference. His ability to post things so quickly but never miss the meat of the context is a skill that few have. This year the Enterprise Geeks got in on the act too, with some fun audio and video including a classic on-site interview of James Governor of RedMonk (@monkchips on Twitter).

As for me, well, all I can say is I'm glad for my Twitter feed - at least I was able to Tweet out some hopefully worthwhile stuff while the conference was going down. Meantime, I left Orlando having met with everyone I could, and still with a list of regrets I am still trying to live down. Then once I do start creating content, I post it all over the place. But I compiled it all here for JonERP visitors to check out at your leisure.


"Should You ‘Green' Your SAP Skills?"
A blog post to my SAP Career Blog inspired by the theme of sustainability at this year's show.

"The High Stakes of NetWeaver BPM"
A piece I wrote for PAC's "Feeding the SAP Ecosystem" blog on one of the under-reported stories of Sapphire 2009.

"Making Sense of Value Scenarios: Lessons from Sapphire 2009"
In this in-depth article, I presented what SAP is up to with Value Scenarios, hopefully showing why those inside SAP see this as a fundamental shift in how they will design and deliver enterprise applications. I also tried to hold Value Scenarios to the "relevance test," showing how this concept fits in with other phrases du jour like "Best-Run Now" and "NetWeaver BPM."


"Podcast: Jon Reed Interviews SAP Mentor Gretchen Lindquist on ASUG 2009 and SAP Security Trends," to learn more about why the ASUG part of the conference matters - not only to SAP users, but to industry analysts - I invited Gretchen Lindquist, SAP Mentor and stalwart ASUG volunteer.

"Sapphire 2009 in Review: Michael Krigsman, ZDNet Blogger, on SAP BBD, ERP Project Failure, and Sapphire Keynote Reactions."
In the first installment in my Sapphire in Review podcast series that I tape after the conference, Michael Krigsman of Asuret and popular ZDnet Blogger and Tweeter shares his honest views on SAP's direction and how to avoid the business/IT project gap.

"Sapphire 2009 Live Podcast: Jon Reed Interviews SAP Mentor Dick Hirsch"
In this podcast, I talk to fellow SAP Mentor and "BPX Geek" Dick Hirsch about how you acquire BPX skills, Twitter's role in live event coverage, and even get a brief Don Henley concert review.

"Sapphire 2009 Live Podcast: Jon Reed Interviews Ajay Vonkary on BPM and SAP Solution Manager Skills"
Ajay Vonkarey of Alpha Sirius shares his take on Sapphire '09 and gives a useful view of how Solution Manager and BPM are converging.