The Impact of ERP@BPX: An SAP BPX Community Podcast

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Vendor Podcast - The Impact of the ERP@BPX Community: A BPX Community Podcast with Elke Simon-Keller of SAP and Nathan Genez of Serio Consulting
Hosted by Jon Reed of
Podcast Interview Date: October 14, 2008
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In this SAP BPX community podcast, Jon Reed of interviews Elke Simon-Keller, Director ERP Solution Management for SAP, and Nathan Genez, Managing Partner of Serio Consulting, about the recent launch of the ERP@BPX community. Jon also gets Nathan's insights on how to use ERP@BPX to enhance your SAP career.

During this twenty two minute podcast, ERP@BPX founder Elke Simon-Keller starts by explaining the origins of ERP@BPX and the goal to have ERP@BPX serve as a truly interactive community, not just a knowledge base.

In the middle section of the podcast, frequent BPX contributor Nathan Genez talks about how he has used the BPX site in general, and ERP@BPX in particular, to enhance his consulting career. Nathan also stresses the importance of building on core ERP know-how in the midst of a "back to basics" economic climate.

The final section of the podcast includes Elke's responses to Nathan's suggestions on how ERP@BPX can grow further, as well as some glimpses into what's next for ERP@BPX.

Podcast Highlights

(1:06) The origins of the ERP@BPX community and the vision of how it can impact SAP professionals. (Elke)

(3:40) How a current BPX member can get involved with ERP@BPX. (Elke)

(5:22) Nathan's role in the SAP market and Serio Consulting's niche in the Capital Management space. (Nathan)

(6:00) How Nathan has used the BPX community, and ERP@BPX specifically, to improve his capabilities as an SAP consultant. (Nathan)

(8:36) The difference between a "contractor" and a "consultant." Why being a consultant is a much more effective career goal, and how BPX can help an aspiring "contractor" become a true "consultant." (Nathan)

(12:35) What is the potential of the ERP@BPX community, and what do the participants, and SAP itself, need to do in order to achieve this potential? (Nathan)

(16:20) Nathan says that "Your network knows more than you do." What does he mean by that, and what are some practical examples of how BPX can help an SAP professional make that smart network a reality? (Nathan)

(18:16) What's next for the ERP@BPX Community, and what kind of input is needed from BPX Community members. Also, details on how to register for BPX are provided. (Elke)

(22:00) Innovation is not just about cool new technologies like eSOA, it's also about getting the most out your core ERP functionality. ERP@BPX is the place to pursue these kinds of conversations. (Jon)