SAP Podcast: Jon Reed on SAP SOA Skills with Demir Barlas of

podcastlogo_jonerp.gif"How to Acquire the Right Skills
for SAP SOA Consulting."
Podcast Interview Date: September 19, 2008
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SOA is having a major impact on how SAP professionals look at the skills they need going forward. But why does SOA matter to SAP in the first place? Is SOA SAP-manufactured hype, or is SOA going to be a real factor on SAP project sites. What skills will be needed in order to succeed in the NetWeaver and eSOA era? And how does NetWeaver BPM fit into the picture? In this SAP-SOA skills podcast, Jon Reed shares his take on these issues with Demir Barlas of

During this twenty-three minute podcasts, Demir gets Jon's take on the following topics:

- Why SOA skills are important to today's SAP market.

- How to obtain hands-on SOA experience in an SAP context.

- The latest versions of SAP (ERP 6.0) and how it connects to SOA projects and priorities.

- Why SAP is shifting the emphasis to NetWeaver BPM (Business Process Management) and how BPM connects back to SOA.

- How SOA has moved from a "paradigm shift" to a proven technology that is gaining some modest traction on SAP project sites. 

- The SAP-related tools that SAP professionals need to master for SAP success.

- The tenstions between the anarchic nature of SOA and the tight controls of ERP systems like SAP's.