SAP Podcast: David Foote on SAP's Hottest Skills (with Jon Reed and Demir Barlas)

"David Foote of Foote Partners Shares his Latest SAP Skills Findings"
Podcast Interview Date: September 15, 2008 
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In this thirty minute podcast, David Foote of Foote Partners reviews his firm's latest 2,000-employer benchmark survey data on trends in pay and availability of SAP enterprise application skills. Hear what's hot (and by how much), including which SAP skill has seen a 57% increase in market value over the last 12 months.

Also included: strategy advice for employers deploying SAP applications, and career advice for IT professionals building SAP careers over the next two years.

Kicked off by Demir Barlas of, this podcast begins with David Foote's overview of his latest SAP skills findings, including what's hottest in 2008. Jon Reed of weighs in toward the end of this podcast, asking David several questions about how SAP professionals should apply his findings to their own skills transitions.