Webcast Replay: Jon Reed's "BPX Skills Focus" Webcast for ASUG

asugnewlogo.jpgOn September 30th 2008, Jon Reed delivered a webcast on the keys to developing SAP Business Process Expert skills for ASUG, Americas' SAP Users' Group, as part of their "Business Process Experts" webcast series.

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If you would like to view the PowerPoint-only version of the webcast, you can also view or download the presentation in a PDF version. (429K, right click to download) For more details on the webcast and those who helped to make it happen, as well as a couple of special bonus slides, read on.

Webcast Title: BPX Skills Focus - The Keys to Becoming a Business Process Expert (BPX)

Webcast Abstract: The keys to becoming a Business Process Expert (BPX) and the SAP skill set is changing. Whether you're a hands-on SAP professional or an SAP project manager, the skills you will need for success are evolving. In this interactive webcast, Independent SAP analyst and SAP Mentor Jon Reed will discuss how the trend towards a business process platform is impacting the skill sets of SAP professionals."

Webcast Replay Review: In this BPX skills webcast, presented as part of ASUG's Business Process Expert webcast series, Jon Reed of JonERP.com reviews the keys to becoming an SAP Business Process Expert. During this 60 minute webcast with ten minutes of Q & A at the end, Jon looks at the BPX skills "hype factor," why BPX skills are needed, the definition of a BPXer, and how to obtain these skills. SAP BPX certification, the SAP BPX community, and the new "Process First" book by Marco ten Vaanholt are also reviewed.

Bonus PowerPoint Slides:

1. "Ideal BPXer Does Not Exist." The PDF version of the slide deck does not properly capture the BPX Job Roles and Sweet Spot slide from Marco ten Vaanholt of SAP and Puneet Suppal of Capgemini (slide 32). Here's the slide properly set up, with the "sweet spot" transparent so you can see the job roles behind it.

2. IDS Scheer's "Enterprise Modeler" versus NetWeaver BPM slide. This slide from IDS, which is slide 31 in the webcast PowerPoint, also did not translate perfectly. As a bonus, we have two slides in the official IDS version (Slide 2 is the one used in the webcast). There are additional notes under the slides. Note that Aris = Entpeprise Modeler and Galaxy is now called NetWeaver BPM.

Brief Webcast Outline: BPX Skill Webcast Presentation for ASUG, with Jon Reed of JonERP.com

Structure of Webcast:

5 minutes of introduction
45 minutes - Jon Reed's presentation
10 minutes of Q & A

I. Intro - 7 minutes
a. Who is Jon Reed?
b. What is a business process expert in an SAP context? - overview
c. What is the goal of this webcast?
d. What is the structure of this webcast? (different parts, q and a, etc)

II. Why does SAP need business process experts? (Why it isn't just hype) 8 minutes
(review of SAP technology and applications and how this fits into overall trends towards eSOA and Business Process Management)

III. What are the skills needed to become a business process expert? 10 minutes
(skills needed from both a technical and "functional" SAP perspective)

IV. How does one obtain these skills? 6 minutes
- sdn and bpx
- modeling tools and on site learning
- bpx certification
- "process first" bpx book

V. What is the new SAP BPX certification all about? 5 minutes
- why is the certification needed?
- detail on SAP's new BPX certification and how to learn more about it

VI. What is the "process first" BPX book about and how can it help? 5 minutes
- overview of principles of book and how it was created

VII. How can we continue this BPX skills conversation? 4 minutes
- review of BPX site and how to get involved
- review of BPX links and Resource Materials
(including comparison of IDS Scheer's Enterprise Modeler and NetWeaver BPM)
- concluding thoughts

(turn over to q and a segment)

Enjoy the webcast, and thanks to all who attended! Thanks especially to Paul Kurchina, Marilyn Pratt, and the ASUG webcast team for their contributions. Another thanks to Jim Spath for his assistance during and after the webcast. Also, a thanks to Marco ten Vaanholt of SAP and Puneet Suppal of Capgemini for sharing their slide on BPX job roles, and thanks to Kelly Witt and the IDS Scheer team for providing the "Enterprise Modeler versus NetWeaver BPM" slides.

Note that Jon covered a lot of points in live audio he didn't include on the slide deck, so for the full content, you'll want to view the WebEx replay.