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"I listen to all your SAP podcasts in my car, until my kids get mad at me and make me put on music for them instead. Keep up the good work!"

- Robert Max, 2007 Solution Manager Community of Interest, and Systems Management Special Interest Group Chair for the Americas' SAP Users Group - Visitor Feedback

"Jon, let me congratulate you on building a site which exclusively caters to SAP skills and careers and answers a lot of doubts young and senior SAP consultants have about what skills to have and get trained on."

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"I have been reading your SAP newsletters for over a decade now... It's remarkable that you have now embraced the Web 2.0 delivery methods - Podcasts, Twitter etc - without sacrificing the in-depth nature of your analyses!" - Dave Sen, SAP Enterprise Architect - Reader Feedback

"I visit almost everyday to check out whether there is something new and what the future trends hold for SAP skills and careers."

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"I was struggling with career direction a few years ago and you provided me with some extremely valuable advise. I've been very satisfied with my career direction which was influenced in large part by your coaching. Thanks again!" - Keith

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"You have always been there with a prompt reply when it matters the most. You have really been a mentor in true sense."

- Hussain Sehorewala -

Welcome to the "Hot SAP Skills" Lists

For the first time ever, Jon Reed is now compiling his SAP skills trends research into ranked lists. We'll be adding more in the year to come. Before you dig into the lists, Jon recommends that you read his hot SAP skills disclaimer, which contains some important tips. Jon looks forward to incorporating your feedback into future versions of these lists, so feel free to email him.
Hot SAP Skills Lists
Which SAP Business Suite Skill is the Hottest? A Special Podcast Feature from Print E-mail

jonerp_full_logo.PNGWhich SAP Business Suite Skill is the Hottest?
A Ranked List by Jon Reed of
Published: September 2009

For quite a while, we've been planning a ranked list of the SAP Business Suite skills and that list is finally here. This time, the complete review is done in podcast form, with the SAP Business Suite podcast from the ERP Lounge. So you'll want to listen to that - but we'll present the highlights from that podcast in this entry as well. During the podcast, Jon's co-host, Brian Trout, discussed his detailed BS7 skills rankings. Note that the rankings were limited to the four major "Suite" apps: SCM, SRM, PLM, and SRM.  Before we move ahead, it's also a good idea to read through our general disclaimer about the limitations of hot skills lists.

Remember as you read through these BS7 skills highlights from the podcast that too often, we talk too generically about skills needs. Skills demand in SAP is highly specialized. Even if we talk about CRM, some areas within CRM have broad needs and some have specialized needs. Just saying CRM is hot and SRM is not as hot is not very helpful, so in this feature, we're going to hone in on the skills needs of each module in turn. 

Which SAP Industry Solution is the Hottest? A Exclusive Print E-mail

jonerp_full_logo.PNGWhich SAP Industry Solution is the Hottest?
A Ranked List by Jon Reed of
Published: January 2009

Ranking the consulting demand for SAP's Industry Solutions is not an easy task. As we consider SAP industry skills, we must take into account that SAP has not only expanded its Industry Solutions, but its own industry listings have gotten pretty complicated. I'm giving this a shot because the topic is more relevant than ever - today's SAP consultant is more likely to find success if they have some level of industry specialization.

Which SAP Technical Skill is the Hottest? A Exclusive Print E-mail
jonerp_full_logo.PNGWhich SAP Technical Skill is the Hottest?
A Ranked List by Jon Reed of
Published: October 2008

For the first time, I am ranking the demand for the hottest SAP technical skills. With the proliferation of SAP technical skills, it's not possible to consider every skill (or skills combination). But visitors seem to like these lists, so I hope you enjoy this one. Before you read the list, I encourage you to check out my disclaimer about my SAP hot skills rankings, which has some key skills pointers to keep in mind.  
Which SAP Functional Module is the Hottest? A Exclusive Print E-mail
jonerp_full_logo.PNGWhich SAP Functional Module is the Hottest? 
A Ranked List by Jon Reed of
Published: September 2008

For the first time ever, I am ranking all the core modules from hottest to least hot. I'm not going to count Business Suite applications; I'll cover them in a separate piece down the road. Before you read this list, I recommend reading my full disclaimer about my SAP hot skills rankings, which has some crucial skills tips as well.

SAP Skills You Want to Have Print E-mail

jonerp_full_logo.PNGA Ranked List by Jon Reed of
Published: February 2008

In this piece, I am charting the SAP Skills "You Want To Have." The emphasis is on skills you can acquire either on your own or on SAP projects right now. Note that this list is not the same as a list of hot SAP skills, though I have now completed one of those for the hot SAP functional modules. This list is a little more forward-thinking. The list you are about to read is the "SAP Skills You Want to Have" list, which looks a bit more to the future to chart out the key skills you want to have going forward. Before you read this list, I also recommend reading the general disclaimer for my SAP skills lists, which has some important pointers.


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"I have referenced your articles on for my internal Fujitsu colleagues on how the functional skill set is changing. It's not just theory, but real life change and the need for new SAP skills."

- Ranjan Baghel, Associate Director, Fujitsu America - Site Feedback

"I can't imagine any SAP professional who is serious about their career not utilizing the website. I know I used it frequently when I did SAP consulting. I use it even more now and I know my colleagues go there quite frequently to increase their knowledge of the SAP market, it is a source of great information."

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