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What Do You Think of the SAP MM (Materials Management) Career Path?

I like the MM career path a lot more now than I did a couple of years ago when MM was looking dead, dried up, and generic. The era of "enforced upgrades" is causing a renewed focus on the core modules in SAP, and so MM has had a bit of its luster returned. If you’re one of those lucky and/or enterprising folks who already have MM configuration skills in either ECC 5.0 or 6.0, you should have plenty of work in the next few years as companies move to these new releases, and ultimately to 6.0, SAP’s new "foundation release."

Obviously, core FI and HR skills are more prevalent than MM, but most manufacturing companies are doing some kind of Materials Management work in SAP. The one thing I still don’t like about MM is that it just doesn’t feel as strategic to me as other related areas it brushes up against, whether you’re talking about RFID, or Warehouse Management, or Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

The funny thing? Some of these more "cutting edge" areas, like RFID, don’t have the level of consulting demand you see in MM currently. Go figure. But of course, the supply and demand curve for SAP consultants is a very tricky thing indeed.

You can probably see where I’m headed with this piece of advice, but what I recommend for an MM career path is to combine the core MM skills that are in demand now with something a little more forward-thinking. Some of the MM consultants I know who are the most popular in terms of getting bothered by headhunters have a skills profile that combines MM with Inventory Management or Warehouse Management.

There are other options to consider as well. For example, other sought-after MM folks have a broader "Logistics" background that includes SD, MM, and some aspects of PP as well. So I like the looks of the MM skills profile going forward, but I like it best when it’s combined with other elements that seem more strategic.

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